How Nice Of You To Keep Your Promise!

I wish they'd just tell me when they're not going to wake me up for supper. I mean I know they shouldn't have to but when they've been doing it and I have no reason to believe that they won't do it why wouldn't I depend on them to wake me? Oh yeah because they suck and never do anything. So I wake up late and have no time for a shower, there's no supper, no anything. Just a note that says to empty the dishwasher. This family is so frustrating. Well there goes my whole plan of eating well.

So I get ready to go and low and behold, NO CAR. So I have to wait for them to get back from where ever they are gallavanting to before I can leave for work.

I should however mention, that in the back of my head I am thinking that maybe someone got hurt and they had to rush to the hospital or something. But probably they would have left a note for that!

This whole week has been quite retarded. So I'm going to work smelly and exhausted to tell my boss thanks but no thanks. In other words, I've decided to tell her that I really do want this job but family is really imporant to me and I don't think I can go without seeing them for another year. But I will be willing to stay on as a temp for as long (until May) as they will have me. We'll see how that will go over. I'm so tired this night is sure to suck ass.

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this one was written 2003-02-06 @ 8:37 pm by dee