What The World Thinks Of Dee:

"She likes the boys in the band. She knows when they come to town. Every musician�s fan after the curtain comes down. She waits at backstage doors for those who have prestige who promise fortune and fame, a life that�s so carefree. She�s saying 'that�s ok! Hey baby do what you want, I�ll be your night lovin� thing, I�ll be the freak you can taunt and I don�t care what you say. I want to go too far. I�ll be your everything if you make me a star.'"

There are values that we are taught in infancy and there are values that we learn growing up. One thing that I have learned to value is Dee's friendship. Thanks Dee.

Dee is like a chocolate bar you left out in the sun. She's messy, you dont know what to do with her, and her wrapper says "Aero". Wait, that last one doesnt seem right... anyways, she's still filled with gooey gooey coco goodness. And thats all that matters in the end, right? What do you mean "no"? Whatever. Dee rocks. End of story.

Dee has written the lyrics to many song classics, including "You Light Up My Life" and "Copa Cabana". Dee enjoys circus monkeys, feet modeling, and long walks on the beach.

Dee is a great friend who can cook up way more original and entertaining stories about other peoples' lives than they can. :) She's an awesome person, and while I don't KNOW that she works for the FBI or CIA or, uh, ABCs or anything, I fully believe she's capable of it. ;)

Dee makes my eye sparkle and my heart tap dance. Hoowah! Cartoon buddies for life.

Dee is the most fun-loving, eccentric, awesome person I know. She has the most wacked-out sense of humor and is hilarious to be around - I still can't stop laughing. (mmmmmm Hot Pockets!)

She's got that dry understated classic Dee humor.

I am so lost with out Dee's sassy and corrupt thoughts and ideas.

Dee is "cool" and "popular" and didn't solicit this testimonial in any way.

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