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Yesterday I was driving around because it was all rainy and I didn't just want to waste the day sitting around the house sulking. So I'm driving around and I go past this really big dollar store. I love dollar stores.

So I stop in and take a look around. They have a huge selection of greeting cards. I LOVE greeting cards! I already have a stack that I was supposed to send years ago and just never get around to it. But I digress.

So these are some of the cheesy-est greeting cards ever. You know the kind I mean. Greeting card poets that weren't good enough for Hallmark or Carlton so they go independent and try to make it on their own. Yeah here I am talking like I know anything about the life of a greeting card poet.

I'm standing there reading birthday cards, anniversary cards, and the occasional easter card and I'm thinking... "I don't know anyone who's having a birthday or anniversary soon."

But I do have an address book full of addresses. So I will send a random card to each of my friends. Just for fun!

I will send an "I'm glad you're my brother" card to a friend and a Happy 3rd Birthday card to my uncle Jack (or I would if I had an uncle Jack).

It's a great way to keep in touch and brighten up someones day. EVERYONE likes to receive something other than junk mail or bills but its rare that anyone does these days. Its going to be great! I've already got some great ideas!!!

Hey maybe I'll even send one to you!

No, really, if you want me to, I will send you a personalized fun and random greeting card. Email me with your name and address and I'll send it out. No strings attached. Just me sending you a card eventually... with in the next month or two (It's supposed to be a suprise right?!) So send me email right now!

Or to see the first card I sent out click here

UPDATE: July 20 2003

I get the feeling that there are people who are interested in getting a card but are afraid I am a crazed lunatic. Here are some testimonials of those who have received random cards:
wllybere, asdotcom and ghostiness just to name a few.

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