Allow Me To Introduce....

I've been wanting to write this for a while now. To introduce the people who were important enough for me to write about in this crazy journal of mine.

So here they are (in alphabetical order so as not to disturb the force):

Andrew � is Jess� big brother. He defies introduction just because he�s my favorite. If you know him, you�ll understand. You can find him here.

B� my stepbrother. He�s a year younger than me. He�s a lot like I used to be and it frustrates me. He�s not around a lot and when he is he doesn�t really say much. I�m concerned for him and I really do want to help him out. I just don�t really know how to do that.

Channy � is my ex-roommate and one of my closest friends. She is Sunshine�s younger sister and Patrick�s fianc�e. She�s small and quiet and fierce. She stands up for what she believes in. She�s one of the few unassuming people I know, taking people at face value. You can find her here.

Erin � is the stepsister who�s a year older than me. She�s incredibly smart and incredibly sweet, and I�m not just saying that because she might read this. She�s pretty reserved and contemplative. I�ve learned a lot from her. She�s a great friend.You can find her here.

Gayle � is the stepmother who is so the opposite of evil. She�s incredibly sweet and thoughtful and caring; so much so that sometimes I worry I�m taking advantage of her kindness. She�s great for my dad and an all around good person.

J � V�s husband and my brother-in-law. He�s a really great guy, even if he is a bit on the dorky side. He�d do just about anything for his family. He�s American, smokes a pipe, likes hunting, and is extremely conservative, but I don�t hold that against him (too much)

Jess � is so complicated. Our relationship is really beyond words; we�ve known each other so long. 10 years. She likes to think of herself as an enigma, but its more than that. She�s just as confused as the rest of us. She�s contemplative and crazy fun too. You can find her here.

(the) Jujee � aka mom, though I find this name to be far more appropriate most days.

Kay � is the newest member of my family, my baby niece by way of V and J. Sweetest little thing on two legs

Paige � is a fellow diarylander who found me first. She was one of the first to respond to my crazy blogging. She�s extremely entertaining even though she doesn�t update very much anymore. You can find her here.

Patrick � is Channy�s fianc� and long time boyfriend. He a little long winded and a little bore-ific sometimes, but he�s really good to Channy and she loves him. He�s a good guy, even if he is a little hard to take sometimes.

Ry�n � another one of my high school buddies. He�s the skirt-chasing free spirit of the group. He�s always cracking jokes and making me laugh. Ry�n loves video games almost as much as he loves girls. He�s an energetic happy-go-lucky guy and one of my best friends.

Sai � is my first and only nephew so far. He never stops making me smile. I can�t wait to see what he�s like when he grows up. He�s brilliant (and I�m not the least bit biased)!

Shaun � is my not-so anonymous superhero. He�s another of my online friends who owes me a tour of his country someday. He makes me smile everyday and is just an all around great guy. We�ve got a lot in common, which is why he�s my cartoon buddy. You can find him here.

Skim � my younger stepsister. She�s brutally honest and a little self centered (but who isn't at that age). She doesn�t take crap from people and almost always gets what she wants from life. I love that she�s so strong.

Sunshine � She is Channy�s sister and part of my "adopted" family. I used to live in her basement and that�s pretty much how we became good friends. She�s one of the most entertaining people I know. She�s like the big sister I never had� no wait� like my funnier, better looking, slightly older twin.

V � She�s my only biological sibling. V is my older sister and one of the most complex people I know. We never used to get along, but now that we�re adults we�re starting to understand each other better. She�s married to J and has a son (Sai) and a daughter (Kay). She�s a Christian and inspires me to be better than I am.

Zian � When we met in grade seven, he hit me over the head with his binder. We were destined to be friends. He�s deep and profound and incredibly impulsive. That�s what I love best about him. He�s got a quirky sense of humor and a great imagination.

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