100 Things You Might Not Have Known:

1. I Can't dance
2. I played the flute for 6 years
3. I didn't learn to drive until I was 20 years old.
4. I almost always have a watch on
5. When I was a baby I had infantile epilepsy (BIFC)
6. Tomatoes? I can't stand them
7. Once I tried to convince my parents that I was involved in a "baton twirling" club at school, when such a thing didn't exist. (they knew that)
8. As a toddler, I ate three cigarettes and had to get my stomach pumped
9. I'm very easily bored
10. I love catch phrases and use them all the time much to my friends and family's dismay
11. Often I borrow or expand on the ideas of others. I rarely have original thoughts or ideas
12. The song Somewhere Over The Rainbow used to make me cry
13. I am obsessed with gum
14. I'm never funny when I try to be
15. I prefer Pepsi to Coke and Sprite to 7-Up
16. I used to go into department stores and organize their stock when I was bored.
17. The only jewlery I wear is my chain with a cross on it (and my watch which I don't consider to be jewlery cause its a sports watch)
18. I have been involved with the production of 12 stage plays
19. I could live without chocolate, chips or candy but not Ice Cream!
20. I wrote a series of childrens stories in Junior High
21. I won't stand on ladders but I'm not afraid of heights
22. I never learned to skate or ski
23. Looking back there were two situations where I easily could have been kidnapped as a child though at the time they seemed harmless to me
24. I've never met anyone in real life that I've talked to on the internet but I have exchanged snail mail letters and photos with some
25. I�m always afraid of saying something stupid
26. I once recieved a singing telegram (a clown with balloons for my birthday)
27. My family have a lot of hidden stories that I am just recently becoming aware of. It makes them seem more human
28. I always think of people as honest and pure until I'm proved otherwise
29. I tend to idolize people I meet and get really let down when I find out that they are not perfect
30. I once met and got autographs from Oksana Baiul, Katerina Witt, Brian Boitano and Scott Hamilton
31. My cousins went to school with Ryan Smith from the Edmonton Oilers
32. My feet are terribly pungent
33. I am a night owl I'm almost always up past midnight (even when I'm not working nights)
34. I have always wanted to own my own business
35. I was raised by 7 "parents"
36. I didn't play with other kids as a child
37. I judge books by their covers. If it's got an interesting title or colourful eye catching cover I'll read it
38. I am a really disorganized person
39. I can't stand doing dishes. Ever. I will want to buy new ones before I want to clean the old ones
40. I don't use an umbrella when it rains
41. I have the entire Dawson's Creek series on dvd, and yes I am ashamed
42. In high school I smoked ciagarettes because it was cool but I never liked it
43. I hate secrets but I always keep them
44. I love getting praised but can't take critcism at all
45. I once sent anonymous thank you cards to people who made an impact in my life to let them know they made a difference in the world (some of them knew it was me)
46. Sometimes I think of every terrible thing I've done and wish I hadn't done it
47. My first house was furnished completely by gifts people gave to me
48. I broke my leg in three places in January of 2004 and found out in June of 2005 that I had in fact, broken it twice before without even knowing
49. I like to argue and debate but I almost always lose
50. My first crush was Kyle from my kindergaten class
51. My grandmother was my best friend
52. I believe God answers prayers though not always as we want Him to
53. I don't search for my christmas presents but if I find them by accident I usually look
54. I love giving gifts and cards to show people I care
55. I can be a very creative person
56. I hate change
57. I have a terrible time making my own decisions
58. I am terrible at spelling and grammar and more terrible at math
59. I'm trying really hard not to complain as much as I used to
60. I hate conflict
61. I long to be touched
62. At times I think that my whole life is a big experiment that is being televised, like the truman show
63. I like symmetry
64. I think most (young) completely bald men are sexy
65. I have never met an adult with smaller hands than me
66. I sucked my thumb until I was 18
67. I don't like silence
68. I am unfocused
69. My niece and nephew can always make me smile
70. Every job I've ever really wanted I've always gotten
71. I don't believe in love at first sight
72. I have had 9 best friends so far
73. I once walked into a friends house when he wasn't home and didn't know I was there, but I told him about it later
74. I like a song until it gets popular on the radio
75. I thought I was in love once, but I think I was wrong
76. My grade seven english teacher used to talk to a banana to make us laugh. We just thought he was weird
77. I have been in two fist fights in my life, both with the same person
78. Many people find me really irritating
79. I think there is a big difference between childish and child like
80. I haven't cleaned my ears using q-tips since they stopped making the baby q-tips with the really big cotton-y tips
81. I believe that are absolute truths in life
82. My best friend in high school told me he was gay, everyone thought we were dating
83. I bite my lip when I'm thinking sometimes
84. I am no good at setting people up together
85. When I was little I had an obsession with hats. I would wear a touque in the summer just to have a hat on
86. I am easily distracted
87. I loathe wearing skirts or dresses
88. I very much dislike all hot beverages
89. I really don't like Opera although I would like to see one live one day (just to say I have)
90. I like to sing really loud when I've had a bad day (only when no one's listening)
91. I don't do anything regularly
92. I love suprises and spontaneity
93. I've worked at more than 15 different jobs, but only 5 are on my resume
94. I like cats and small dogs. Big dogs scare me
95. I don't think I'll be a very good parent
96. I get the hiccups all the time, mostly from laughing too much
97. I like video games that are cartoony and not difficult to figure out (think mario)
98. I am terrible at saving money
99. I like to drive fast
100. I do things for others that I want them to do for me. It almost never works.

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this one was written 2003-02-09 @ 1:05 pm by dee